What video format does CaptureCast Chrome produce?

Our app produces WebM files with Ogg Vorbis audio. WebM is natively supported by Google and is able to be freely distributed. These files can be played back natively by most HTML5 modern web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. Playback via computers (Mac, Windows or Linux) will require a player like VLC Media Player or Window Media Player (with the WebM Media Foundation Components installed).

How can I convert my webm files?

Unfortunately CaptureCast Chrome currently cannot convert or export to any other video formats.  However you have the option to use third-party tools to convert your webm files to other formats like mp4, avi, etc. This can be done with programs like Handbrake or Miro Video Converter. If you are using Adobe Premiere Pro, there is the AdobeWebM plug-in available to add webm support. On Windows, installing the WebM DirectShow Filters adds WebM support to many applications.