CaptureCast Chrome does not do anything malicious, in fact it does not do anything at all while not in use. It unloads itself to save system resources and just waits for the user to click on the Cattura extension icon

The CaptureCast Chrome application requires permissions for both webcam and microphone access. There are multiple states that each device can be in depending on the level of permission granted from the user:

  • No permission:

    • o This happens before we request for permission and we will have to prompt the user for access.

    • Allowed/granted:

      • o The user has granted permissions to the application to access the webcam, mic, or both. This setting is cached to not annoy the user the next time the app is launched.

      • Denied:

        • o The user has denied permission to the webcam, mic, or both. This setting is cached. In order to reset this you’ll have to go to:

          • Settings > Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Media > Manage exceptions

          • And remove the permissions for the CaptureCast Chrome

Access to record the desktop must be granted each time and the user must select which source to record from.