1. When you first launch the CaptureCast Chrome extension app via your Chrome browser you will need to grant access for the app to use your devices (i.e. Microphone & Webcam). To get started click on ‘Click to grant access’ on either of the fields.

  2. The device access page will display. Click on the ‘Request Access’ button for each device. You will need to confirm that you grant access by clicking the ‘Allow’ button on the next prompt as well.

  3. Once you have granted permission to both devices you should have a confirmation screen like below.

  4. You can now re-open up the CaptureCast Chrome extension and select your microphone, webcam and or desktop sources. Once you have your device(s), resolution, positioning configured to your preference you can then click the ‘Record’ button. Don’t forget you can also enabled ‘Show preview mode’