CaptureCast uses a H.264/AAC encoder that is optimized to use the CPU on your computer to encode in the best possible quality. You can adjust your encoding settings to use less system resources if you are experiencing poor computer performance.  We recommend that your computer have a minimal amount of programs running to keep system resources down in order to reach HD capabilities. Computers with high-end graphic cards and fast CPUs will benefit in higher fidelity encoded captures and live streams. Ensure that your operating system and graphic drivers are up-to-date to take advantage of the best possible video processing your PC can spare for CaptureCast enccoding. 

HD Recording at 16:9 Resolutions (720p or 1080p) 

  • Minimum: Core i7, good graphics card, and at least 8gb of memory

SD Recording at 4:3 Resolutions 

  • Minimum: Core i3 and and at least 4gb of memory