The User Management page of the Settings allows you to manage the users of the CaptureCastTM Pro system.

You can click on the Cog icon to the right to edit a currently existing user, or click on Add User to create a new user for the system.


 Either of these options will open a window like this:






Enter the appropriate information in the appropriate fields and click Save, or Cancel to abort.

You can delete users by clicking the Delete button in the Edit User window, or click the check boxes for whichever users you wish to delete and click Delete User(s)


  • Presenter- Can start/stop capture and view media

  • Status Viewer- Limited view- only access to dashboard and media section

  • Content Manager- Can start/stop capture and has full access to manage media section

  • Administrator- Can start/stop capture, manage templates, media, and configure CaptureCast ( Complete access to the unit )

  • Scheduler- Can start/stop capture and manage the schedule 


 Portal Integration


In this section of the hardware you are able to link up your portal account information with the hardware. It can directly link up vimeo account to the hardware as well.

To find this information you can log into

Log in and go to API tokens and you will find your organizations token, copy and paste the token and click Authorize an Account 



Using the API token from the portal, you are able to link up your Vimeo, Twitter, Drive, and YouTube accounts. 

Click the Create new button and it will open up a separate tab with a confirmation screen.









 Click Allow, or accept on any account you would like to link, and you will be able to publish to them.