This page of the settings allows you to select what events occurring on the CaptureCast Pro unit will display notifications in the top right corner of the screen. 


Select or deselect the check boxes for each thing you want to be or not be displayed as notifications when they occur. 

You can also link the CaptureCast hardware unit to a Twitter account by clicking the Link to Twitter button, logging in on the page that appears, and authorizing the link. Once done, a link will appear in the blank next to the Link to Twitter button which will be used to link to your Twitter account. Click Unlink to remove the feature.

Click Save Settings when you are done.  



This part of the settings lets you adjust the timezone of the CaptureCast Pro unit, as well as how time and dates are displayed throughout the pages of the unit. 


Click the drop down next to Time Format to select the format you would like dates to display in throughout the unit. Click the drop down next to Timezone in order to change the timezone of the unit. 

Click Save Settings when you are done adjusting the Time settings.