Editing a Capture


If you wish to edit the details of a capture, you can click on the Cog icon to the right, and in the drop down menu, select Edit.


Clicking Edit will bring up a window where you can change details of the capture such as the capture name, and change the Presenter for the capture



The second tab of the Edit Capture window lists the devices that were used to capture from. If you click on either of the devices, the information for the Screen Change Detection and Optical Character Recognition information will be displayed for you to see. Of course, if you don’t have SCD and OCR enabled for this capture, the contents of each source will be empty on this page.


After selecting a source another window will appear with the the SCD and OCR data captured by  that source.



To preview a slide and its OCR just click on the desired slide and it will appear to the right. If you need a closer view select the cog to the right and click View. Under the Edit  option you are able to change the slides image, text and position. If you need to enter an entirely new slide click on the top left +/- button and follow the instructions.

 Once you have changed everything you need, click Save to save all of the changes and close the Edit Capture window, or click Cancel and all changes will be aborted and the window will close.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 3.39.23 PM.png 


 To add an Asset, just type in the name of the asset in the Name field, and then select whether it is a file (e.g., document or slideshow) or link (e.g., a hyperlink to a website), and then browse for the file by clicking in the Asset File field and clicking Upload.

In the Schedule article it explains more about what an Asset is.