Settings: Storage/System/System Maintenance


This section of the hardware settings is used to set information regarding the storage of information on the hardware unit, specifically how captures are stored. 


If the Enable Purging check box is selected, then all captures stored in the Manage page of the unit will be automatically deleted after the specified Retention Time.  Please back up all data you wish to keep before enabling this setting. Purging deletes all videos older than the set time, even if they were created before the setting of this option. Using the drop down boxes beside Retention Time, you can set the age that all the captures will be automatically deleted. For example, if you set the Retention Time to one month, then all captures older than a month will automatically be deleted. 

You check the Delete Lectures After Publish check box to automatically delete captures off of the unit as soon as they are done publishing. 

Click the Save Settings button to confirm the changes you've made.



System settings are a simple yet powerful set of settings within the Cattura Capture Cast Pro System.





Unit Name

Allows the user to apply a specific name to the unit they are are currently on. This allow users to differentiated between multiple units and their uses. 

Training Mode

Training mode is a great way to learn the system.  While  using our system you will see this icon question.png. Once a user places their mouse over this icon, a text box will appear explaining the use/functionality of the corresponding tool. 

Advance Features

Graph Visualizer

The Graph Visualizer lets you view, modify, and debug the individual components that are connected together to form a capture session or template.

Note: This feature is more for our tech support and dev team, to debug any issues you may have.

Beta Features

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

This feature works in conjunction with the Scene Change Detector to scan text from every slide of the video.

No Signal Settings

To find these settings, go to the Video subsection within Settings. If the developer mode is active, you will something like the below image.  You can either use a specified image or background color if for some technical reason the device drops out during a capture. To avoid signals from dropping out, check the connections and power of all devices. Then, test the capture in order to verify. 


Command Center

If you possess more than one unit, this is the feature for you. When developer mode is enabled, the command center page will appear at the top right of your screen. To add/remove a Cattura CaptureCast Pro unit, just place the IP address into the specified field. Once finished, you will be able to see the current status of the specified unit and even visit that unit by clicking on the unit name.



 Learning Engine

This setting enables integration with the Cattura Learning Engine. 

With this Checked you can link up the portal account and Publish to the Learning Engine which can hold all your videos

Calendar Importer

This feature allows you to import an iCalendar (.ical/.ics) file into the scheduler.

So you never have to worry about starting and stoping a capture, the scheduler will take care of that for you. 


System Maintenance


  • Rebooting the system is a helpful tool that will restart the unit. A majority of the problems that you might encounter while using the CaptureCastTM Pro can be resolved by rebooting the system. To do so, just click the Reboot System button.


Note: After clicking the button to reboot the system, you will be asked to confirm or cancel the operation. If confirmed, the system will reboot and you will need to wait about  2 minutes for  the system to come back online. Once you have waited a minute or so, click the Reload Button or just refresh the page in the browser. 

  • Restart Media Processing Services is what you would press if you couldn't stop a capture for any reason.

  • Shut down CaptureCast Pro Service will automatically shut down the unit, of course you will manually have to turn it back on when you want to use it again.