Logs and Debugging



This section of the settings is great for Cattura Videos agents to diagnose and solve your problems quickly and efficiently. If you are having problems this may be one of your first stops before calling us.

  • Log Retention Time: Decide how long you want to keep logs on your unit before they are deleted permanently

  • Logging level: Set how much detail you would like the unit to log. During normal operation the “Normal” setting should be fine. If you run into an error you will be asked to set this to different levels.

Note: The level of Logging will change the size of the logs in general.

  • Download logs: If you are experiencing errors and you wish to report these to us downloading the logs for the overall unit then sending them to us always helps.

Note: This function downloads logs for the entire unit. While if on the manage page you can download for a particular video’s time.