REMINDER: Video Clipping can take several minutes to several hours for the processing of your media to complete. This is dependent on how many videos sources the session has and the length of your capture session. Whether you export 1 edited clip or several clips, all clips will be combined. While clipping is in progress the UI will disable some functions, such as starting a capture. However, scheduled captures will take priority and will terminate any clipping job in progress.

1.  Login to the CaptureCast Pro unit UI.

2.  Navigate to the ‘Manage’ page

3.  Click on the cogwheel to the right of the capture session you’d like to edit and select ‘Clip Video

4.  Once the Video Clipper loads click on the ‘Play’ button on the center of the page to load the media

5.  By default the video clipper will automatically create Start and End time markers to edit your first clip

NOTE: You will have 2 color timelines. The red timeline is video that will be discarded when you export. The green timeline is video that will be kept and will be exported as a new clip.

6. Drag the time markers to desired positions. If you would like to create additional clips simply click anywhere on the red timeline to create a new clip with another set of Start and End time markers. You can create as many clips as you like.

7.  Once you have your clip(s) completed you can then click on the ‘Export’ button at the bottom right hand corner.

8. A pop up box will appear and display original media duration, total time of video removed, new media duration, numbers of clips created and also give you the option to give your new media a name.

NOTE: Your original capture session will be left unchanged.