Downloading Captures

To download a capture, all you need to do is click on the Cog icon to the right of the capture you want to download. Hover the mouse over the Download selection, and click on the appropriate capture source to download. Typically only the Main Video will appear here, unless the capture has Source Copies, in which case each video source will also be shown (as seen below).

Download Source Copies  

To download an individual source, perform the exact same procedure you would for a pressed video download. Go to the Cog button at the  right of the video. Then move the cursor to download and select which source you wish to download.


On captures with multiple sources and source copies selected you will be able to choose “Download all” which will download each video file associated with the capture. You may need to allow your browser to download multiple files.

Publishing Captures

A capture does not have to be pre-configured to publish to a source such as Kaltura or Mediacore . You can publish any capture from the Manage page. Click on the Cog icon, and then click on the Republish option.




This will bring up the publishing window, where you can select any publishing source and enter the appropriate information. Once you're done, click on the Publish button to publish the information, or click Back to cancel.