Deleting Individual Captures

When it comes to deleting captures you have a couple of options. You can delete single captures by simply clicking on the Cog icon to the right of the capture, and selecting the Delete option. You can also click on the capture you want to delete, and click on actions and click delete selected. This will bring up a small confirmation page.


 Click Delete to delete the capture, or click Cancel to abort the deletion of the capture.

Delete Multiple Capture

You can also delete multiple captures. Click on each capture to highlight them. When finished at the top of the page you will find an actions button. Click this button and choose delete. Select Page will highlight every capture on the current page, and you can go to actions and delete selected. The last way to delete multiple captures is clicking the Select All button. That will highlight All Captures on the unit, and from there you can go to actions and delete selected.




BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU DELETE CAPTURES! Once the captures are deleted they are gone FOREVER! Make sure you have the correct captures selected before deleting!