Whenever new video inputs are plugged into the CaptureCast unit you may need to click on the Redetect button for the devices/thumbnails to update. The process will take a few moments and the page will refresh on it's own.

Redetection will look for all devices connected to the CaptureCast unit.  

If the unit still does not detect a specific video source you may need to:

  • Ensure the cables are securely plugged in
  • the video or audio source is working properly and the cables being used are not damaged
  • Determine if the device itself is sending out a supported resolution, frame rate etc
  • Go to the Settings tab then select Maintenance, and click Reboot CaptureCast Pro Service
  • Try rebooting the CaptureCast unit

While problems like these are rare, they do occur on occasion. If you still have a problem please contact Cattura Video Support or create a ticket here.


  • You will not be allowed to redetect during capture events, since the the devices will be in use. 
  • The unit will auto redetect all devices when no tasks are process. This is normal behavior.

Video Devices

  • The video devices plugged into the hardware unit are displayed here, along with information such as the device name/alias, the framerate of the device, as well as the resolution, and the option to Live Preview.
  • The alias is just a name that is used to identify each source throughout the CaptureCast.  We highly recommend that you give each Video Device an alias. This will help you whenever you are creating templates. Once an alias has been assigned click the Save Settings button at the bottom right of the screen.

Audio Devices

  • The audio devices are listed here, with information such as the name of the device, the alias, the max peak limiter, and the Peak Programme Meter ( PPM).
  • To change the alias of an audio device is the same process as the video device, enter in an alias, and click the Save Settings button.
  • Some devices have the ability for Gain Adjustment. You can make use of the PPM Meter after making gain adjustments to verify that audio levels are not too low or too high.

Live Device Preview

While on the Devices page you can press the Live Preview button to view or hear your Video or Audio devices.