To start, make sure you are looking at the calendar on the Schedule page of the unit. The first way to edit a scheduled capture is to simply click on the capture within the schedule that you want to make changes to. This will open the same window that appears when you create a new scheduled capture with the tabs asking for basic information, capture dates, assets, and other information. Using this window, edit the information as necessary, and to save the changes simply click Schedule when you are done.

Editing Capture Date with Drag and Drop

An easy way of changing the date of a scheduled capture on the calendar is by drag and drop. All you need to do is click and hold on a capture event on the calendar, and then drag the event to a different day on the calendar, and release the mouse button.


  • That this will only change the day of the calendar event. Time and duration will not be changed at all
  • if you try to move a scheduled capture to another day with a conflicting capture at that time, the transfer will not occur. You will need to delete the conflicting event before.

The final way to edit a scheduled capture is from the Dashboard’s Upcoming Captures section. Those captures can be edited by selecting the cog button on the right and choosing the correct option.

Deleting Captures

You can also delete a scheduled capture using the edit window. When you are in this window, there will be a Delete button in the bottom left corner. If the capture was part of a scheduled multiple capture, there will be a Delete Group button in addition to the Delete button. Clicking Delete will delete the single capture you have selected, and clicking Delete Group will delete the all of the scheduled captures associated with it. 

A confirmation window will open and you'll need to click Confirm to delete, or Cancel to abort.