How to change the audio configuration of the ESI Juli@ audio capture card

The Juli@ capture card can be configured in the following orientations:

TRS with +4 db                                RCA with -10 db

Here is a list of the Tools that will be needed:

5/64” Hex Key (This is only needed to remove the 4 hex screws in order to open the CaptureCast Pro Unit)

Phillips Screwdriver

Anti-Static wrist strap


Step 1: Remove the 4 screws circled below using a standard Phillips screwdriver. This will allow access to remove the slot bracket and allow us to separate the card and change the configuration orientation.


Step 2.  Separate the bracket from the audio card


Step 3. Using both hands pull the card apart (separate). You may need to slightly wiggle as you separate the card. Careful not exert too much force as you can cause damage to the pins.


Step 4. Now you can flip the ends of the upper portion of the card (circled in blue).
Using both hands line up the connecting pins and carefully mate the cards back together (circled in red).



Step 5.  Line up the slot bracket and tighten all 4 screws. You can now install the audio card back into your CaptureCast Pro unit.