Unpacking Checklist

When opening  the Cattura CaptureCastTM Pro   and its corresponding boxes you should check to make sure you have the following items:

  1. Cattura CaptureCastTM Pro unit
  2. Power cable or power adapter for CaptureCastTM Pro
  3. Audio card w/ corresponding breakout Cable(s)
  4. A Combination of one or more Capture Cards from Magewell with 1 or more inputs
  5. CaptureCastTM Quick start guide
  6. Converters, Cables and or Adapters (if applicable)
  7. Packing Slip with description of items ordered

    Note: Depending on the customization of your unit some of these parts may not be presentIf you do not have one or more of the mentioned items, please contact your Cattura Video representative.