What is the Command Center?

For those users who own multiple units, the Command Center will help you stay connected to each CaptureCast™ Pro with ease. By clicking the Developer Mode option in the Settings under System Settings, a new menu option will appear at the top right, giving you access to the Command Center. Users will then be able to check the status, equipment and  schedule of any unit added.

First I will go over the layout of the Command Center then in subsequent articles I will delve deeper into these topics as necessary.

The Layout

Having no CaptureCast™ Pro units added, your page should be blank except for the words Command Center at the top left and a button labeled Options to the right. Once a unit is added, an object resembling something like the below image will appear. Only four units will fit horizontally, but hundreds of rows may be used. 


  • IP address : The unique address associated with the particular unit you wish to connect to 

  • Delete: Remove a unit that is unnecessary

  • Unit status: 

    • Green Camera command17a.png: CaptureCast™ Pro is currently capturing 

    • Grey Cameracommand21.png : CaptureCast™ Pro is not currently capturing 

    • Red Power button command22.png:  The CaptureCast™ Pro is currently not on or the unit has not been updated to include the Command Center

  • Storage Indicators: Will tell you graphically or by percentage how much of the hard drive you have used. 

  • Next Capture : Will indicate when the next scheduled capture for this unit will be.

  • Devices: Each device you have plugged into the CaptureCast™ Pro will show up in this section. It will expand and contract as needed. 

  • More info: This button is used to find specifics about that particular CaptureCast™ Pro unit.