NOTE: If you haven’t created a template yet, please check out our Templates: Creating and Editing guide first.

Starting a Live Stream
Once you have your Live Stream template created you can start a Quick Capture or a Scheduled Capture.


  1. The Quick Capture option is located on the Dashboard page. Simply give your live stream a title, select your live stream template and click the ‘Start Capture’ button.

  2. The Scheduled Capture option is located in the Schedule page. Click on the ‘Schedule Capture’ button on the top right corner of the page to begin.

    On the pop up box give your scheduled capture a title, select your live stream template, select your capture time/date/duration and click on ‘Schedule’.

    When you start the live stream it will automatically begin on the CaptureCast Pro unit. Keep in mind that it can take several seconds to several minutes for the stream to begin on Kaltura, UStream, YouTube, etc..

    Approximate startup time for:
    Kaltura: 90-120 seconds
    UStream: 15 seconds
    YouTube Live: 120 seconds

Pausing or Stopping a Live Stream

Navigate to the Dashboard page. You will see that their is a Capture in Progress area. You will see the options to Pause or Stop the Capture/Stream if needed.

Saving a Live stream
When creating or editing your live stream template you can choose to publish to ‘Storage’. This is recommended so that all captures and live streams are saved on the unit and can be downloaded, published or watched again at a later time if you wish.