Each Hardware unit is capable of capturing up to four sources depending on the card configuration.

To capture using multiple sources, create or edit a new template, when you get to the Input  tab under video devices select more than one of the video sources available. (up to four)

When you get to the output tab you can choose to add source copies or not. Click on media canvas: on the left you will see Video devices and images. That is where you will be able to add the sources to the canvas.

The "+" icon will add them to the canvas, when they appear on the canvas you can resize the images to fit the screen, or use the Info tab get exact measurements on the videos

Last choose the Encoding, FPS, and Dimensions and you are ready to start capturing using the Template.


 Couple things you need to make sure are present in the template for you to multi-source capture. 

- Must select between 2-4 sources (depending on the card configuration)

- Make sure to add the selected sources into the media canvas

- Make sure the Template is publishing to at least the storage 

- Make sure Audio is present if you want audio in the capture.