What is a Source Copy? 

When creating a multiple source capture on the CaptureCastTM Pro, each video source plus the background will be pressed into a single video.  On previewing, it will be viewed as a single video with multiple video sources. How can a user create a multiple source capture so that viewers can switch freely between each source and its pressed copy? Source Copies is that solution. By capturing the original sources alongside the pressed capture, users will be able to customize their view to better fit their preferences. 

How do I create a multiple source capture with source copies? 

The first step is to create a template. Go to the Templates section and click the "New Template" button. Enter a name, description, and select your sources.  Capturing multiple screens at once takes up much more storage space than a regular pressed video. Make sure you enter an appropriate description for this template.



On the output section, you will notice that these sources have appeared at the bottom under the source copies subsection.  On the left hand side click the check box to enable that video for source capturing. Go ahead and set the resolution and  FPS for each source.  The resolutions set here are the resolutions for the individual capture, not the pressed copy. 


You can select different types of audio, size, preset, tune, FPS, and bitrate controls for each source copy.

Note: Audio is still being tested

If you need help deciding what profile to use, please go to this document which covers the very basics of encoding.

After having completed the template and created a capture using said template, click on the Manage section. Find your newly created multiple source capture with source copies and press play.  While viewing, users will be able switch between each source on command by using the camera icon located at the bottom right of the player. 


Selecting a source will switch you to that source while keeping your current position. There is no need to worry about audio. The audio will be no different than that of the main pressed capture. 

4.png 6.png5.png


Download Source Copies

To download an individual source, perform the exact same procedure you would for a pressed video download. Go to the cog button right of the video and move the cursor to downloads and select which source you wish to download. 



How to upload source copies to VMS platforms 

As long as the upload creditenals are correct, the CaptureCastTM Pro  will automatically post your captures to the VMS of your choice. Currently only Kaltura and your on board player can use source copies to their fullest extent, but this shouldn't stop you from using the Source Copies option.