1. Login to the CaptureCast Pro unit UI

  2. Navigate to the ‘Templates’ page

  3. Click on the ‘New Template’ button on the top right hand corner of the page

  4. Give your template and Name. The Description is optional

  5. Click on the ‘Input’ tab and select the audio input and the 2 video sources you would like to use. In this example, we named our sources Presenter and Presentation in the ‘Devices’ page to make template creation easier.

  6. Click on the ‘Output’ tab and checkmark the 2 source copies. The Media Canvas section can be ignored

  7. Click on the ‘Publishing’ tab.

    1. Checkmark Matterhorn to enable. By default, you should also enable Storage to have the capture session saved to the local hard drive.

    2. Click on Matterhorn to configure.

    3. Enter your Matterhorn URL, Username and Password in the appropriate fields.
      The 2 inputs you selected earlier in Step-5 will be populated in the drop down menus for Presenter and Presentation sources. In this example, Presenter will be the Presenter source and Presentation will be the Presentation source.

  8. Save your template to complete the setup.

  9. To view your published Matterhorn content you’ll need to login to your Matterhorn instance.

  10. Once logged in you will need to navigate to the ‘Media Module’ section to view your Media Gallery