Publishing Overview

CaptureCast can seamlessly upload your media to one of our technology hosting partners site or to your own FTP server. Each publisher we work with has an API for media ingestion that CaptureCast authenticates with before uploading media. Media that is stored has several forms of meta data appended with it to help tag and categorize. 

The currently supported publishing destinations are:

  • Vimeo Pro

  • YouTube

  • Google Drive

  • FTP

  • SFTP

  • Kaltura

  • Mediacore

A capture can be manually uploaded to one of these sites after the capture has finished, or settings can be changed so that the capture will automatically upload to the site. All that is needed to do this is an active account on the appropriate site with the correct account information. When given the publishing option, simply enter the information into the correct fields for the respective site, and then save or publish.