1. Go to https://www.youtube.com/my_live_events and login if necessary.

  2. Click on the New Live Event button on the top right hand corner

  3. Under the Basic Info tab give your event a Title and a Start Time/End time. Adding a Description or any tags is optional. Click the Create event button to proceed

  4. Under the Main Camera tab select Custom ingestion and click on the drop down menu and select Create new stream.

  5. We recommend that you give your stream the same name as the Maximum bitrate you choose below. In this example we will be choosing the 3000 Kbps – 6000 Kbps (1080p) ingestion from the list.

  6. Now that your Event and Stream details are configured you will now need to select Other encoders from the drop down menu under Select Your encoder section.

  7. You will need to copy your Stream Name and Primary Server URL to the Cattura CaptureCast Pro unit YouTube Live Streaming configuration. Click the Save changes button on the top right to save setup on YouTube side

  8. Login to your CaptureCast Pro UI and go to Settings-->Publishing-->Livestreaming

  9. Click on +Add Live Streaming Configuration button

  10. Select YouTube from the Stream Provider drop down menu

  11. Copy the information from Step 7 to the appropriate fields and click Save when complete

  12. Your CaptureCast Pro unit is now configured to be able to stream to your YouTube event.

  13. Go to the Templates tab and either create a New Template or edited an existing template that you would like to use to stream to YouTube. Keep in mind that the Output Resolution of this Template has to match the resolution selected on the YouTube side on Step 6.

  14. Under the Publishing section select Live Streaming, click on the Use Saved Configuration button and then select your YouTube configuration you created earlier from the list and click on the Use Selected button. Click on Save when done

  15. Either Schedule your capture for a later event or start a Quick Capture from the Dashboard to start streaming right away. You will need to start streaming from the CaptureCast Pro unit before you can start the event on YouTube.

  16. Go back to YouTube and click on the Live Control Room tab on the top of the page. This page should give you a Stream Status in the center of the screen that will indicate if YouTube is receiving a stream from our unit and how good it is.

  17. Click on the Start Streaming button. Once the Stream has started you can now click on View on Watch Page button on the top right