The following steps will guide you in setting up publishing to your Kaltura account from a CaptureCast Pro unit.

  1. Login to your Kaltura Management Console
  2. Click on the ‘Settings’ tab then ‘Integration Settings’. Leave this page open as you will need the ‘Partner ID’ and ‘Administrator Secret’ for Step 4.

  3. Login to the CaptureCast Pro unit user interface. Click on the ‘Settings’ tab the select ‘Publishing’ from the General pane on the left. Click on the ‘+Add Kaltura Configuration’ button.

  4. You are now able to configure your Kaltura account.

    Fill in the following fields:

    Kaltura URL :
    Kaltura Admin User ID:  (enter the email address you used to login to your KMC)
    Kaltura Partner ID: (Refer to Step 2)
    Kaltura Admin Secret: (Refer to Step 2)
    Media Owner ID: (enter email address of Teacher/Staff member)

    Categories: You KMC categories will populate once the unit has verified your account are correct. Simply choose the category you’d like the capture to publish to and click ‘Save’.