In this section, you can link up your organizations Active Directory or LDAP server to sync with a user account on the CaptureCast. This will allow your staff members to use a SSO login to access CaptureCast. 

  1. Simply enter in your server details given to you by your systems administrator and Save Settings. Once the server details have been authenticated the Connection Status and Authentication Status sections will change to "Successfully" along with green check-mark icons.
  2. Scroll down to see the new Queries section that has populated. Click on the +Add Query button.
    1. Select the Role you'd like to configure from the drop down menu.
    2. Enter DN.
    3. Apply a Filter.
    4. Fill in the User Field and Password Fields.
    5. You could test your query details by clicking the Test button below.
    6. Save when ready.
  3. Refresh the page if needed and return to LDAP Authentication settings to verify setup is complete.