The ability to Schedule Blackout Dates is an incredibly useful feature for staff members who schedule many recordings weeks or months in advance. This feature was created as to not allow any recordings to take place on holidays or particular days that the organization or campus will not be open. This prevents our units from recording empty rooms or blank screens and then publishing these unwanted recorded sessions.


Example of how a blackout date will work:

  • Staff member sets a scheduled recording for a Monday, Wednesday and Friday recurrence and sets the date range from 08-01-2019 to 12-31-2019.
  • Using Christmas Day 2019 as an example it falls on a Wednesday and it is within the range the staff member set up their reoccurring recording schedule.
  • If a Blackout Date was setup for Christmas Day prior to any scheduling, then our unit would not allow any scheduling to occur on that day.

The GIF below shows you how to create a Blackout Date and how it shows in the calendar view. Additionally you have the option to have it repeat weekly, month or yearly.