This integration feature gives your the ability to manage scheduled recordings thru your Kaltura Scheduler. 


  • When Disabled - All of your scheduling tasks will be handled by CaptureCast via the Schedule page
  • When Enabled  - All of your scheduling tasks must be done via Kaltura. On a side note, the unit will still allow you to do an ad-hoc recording (quick capture)


  • You will need to have at least one template already created with publishing set to go to Kaltura.
  • If a category is set in the CaptureCast template it will override any category you set on the Kaltura Scheduler side.
    • NOTE: We recommend you leave the category field blank in the CaptureCast Template and manage them thru Kaltura

Registration and Sync:

  • Once you have enabled the Kaltura Scheduler Plugin, adjusted your options and saved settings it may take a few seconds or minutes to register
  • Sync Status will display how many scheduled events have been pulled from Kaltura. By default CaptureCast will automatically sync with Kaltura Scheduler every 5 minutes