The Custom Schedule Form allows customers that have their own scheduling system and want CaptureCast scheduling as 1 step in their workflow. This works best for customers that don't want their users confused by switching systems and want their users to use a simplified scheduling process. CaptureCast does this in 2 parts.

Important Note:    If you decide to use the Custom Schedule Form you will need to disable the External Scheduler Plugin (Settings-->External Scheduling).

An admin will need to configure the Custom Schedule Form under CaptureCast Settings. These settings determine what your users will see when they schedule. Additionally we have Fields which allow you to customize the form users will see when they schedule.

All of the fields (and more) are able to be set using the Custom Schedule Form, REST API, and query parameters so you're able to build a scheduling workflow that fits your needs.


The scheduling form that your user's see can be accessed via the ipaddress/schedule (example: When scheduling, the user will see the custom form with the settings you've configured. We keep it very simple so users are only able to select what you give them access to.