Via the Maintenance section you will be able to Restart/Reboot services, shut the unit or services off or put the unit into maintenance mode for specific update procedures.

  • Run Maintenance: This option will download and install any crucial security updates. This process automatically takes place at 12am every Monday. After updates are applied the unit will reboot.
  • Reboot: This will restart the CaptureCast unit. Make sure to stop any ongoing recording sessions before rebooting. After clicking the button to reboot the system, you will be asked to confirm or cancel the operation. If confirmed, the system will reboot and you will need to wait 30 seconds - 2 minutes for the system to come back online
  • Power Off: This option will completely shutdown the entire unit. This can be very helpful if you need to power down units to replace a component, bad weather conditions are affecting stable power, a scheduled power outage or to replace a faulty Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS).

  • Restart: This option will restart the entire CaptureCast software stack. Make sure that any task (recording, video clipping, publishing etc) is stopped or completed before executing this.

  • Restart Media Processor: Select this option if you are having a minor UI issue. The browser will auto-refresh on its own.