This section will allow you to configure how long to keep logs stored, download system level logs, adjust how the recorder reports any errors and allows you to enable advanced debugging options if needed to diagnose an issue.


  • Log Retention Time:    Decide how long you want to keep logs on your recorder before they are deleted permanently. By default we have this set to 1 month.
  • Logging level:    Set how much detail you would like the recorder to log. During normal operation the normal setting should be fine. If you run into an error you may be asked to set this to a different level.  
    • Note:    The level of Logging will change the size of the logs in general.
  • Report Recorder Errors:    Any errors that occur on the recorder will be displayed via a pop up window to alert the user.
  • Report UI Errors:    Any errors that occur in the user interface will be displayed via a pop up window to alert the user.
  • Download Logs: If you are experiencing errors please download these system logs and add them to the support ticket you create to Cattura Support. Please remember to download logs far back enough to before you started having issues. May take several seconds to complete.
  • Enable View Media Package JSON:    This is helpful when debugging an issue or developing a program which uses media packages (eg an ingestion tool)
  • Enable Audio Dumper:    This assists in debugging if there is an issue with audio as the raw audio can be more easily analyzed.
  • Enable Packet Analysis:    Although this option may slow down the system, this allows deeper automated analysis and logging of packet information to give insight to issues like av sync, framerate, etc.