Overall User Interface

  • Base styles and interface completely overhauled
  • Settings moved from a tab to a Modal
  • Devices Tab moved inside Settings Modal
  • Added new-user friendly guided workflows throughout


  • Added thumbnail and video live previews to main page
  • Added ability to set duration for Quick Capture
  • Added ability to set tags for Quick Capture sessions
  • Added button in footer for user-directed updates


  • Added advanced calendar file import view, allowing for more detailed and exact importing of external calendar files

Template Config

  • Added support for adding static text to individual sources or media canvas
  • Added support for adding static images to individual sources
  • Added support for adding elapsed time/current date & time to individual sources or media canvas
  • Added support for using Constant Rate Factor as a Rate Control
  • Added support for setting Keyframe Interval
  • Added support for setting a Bitrate Maximum

External Scheduling

  • Added support for Opencast as an External Scheduling Provider
  • Added support for Panopto as an External Scheduling Provider
  • Added support for live streaming using the Kaltura External Scheduling Provider

Kaltura Configuration

  • Added support for using an Application Token in lieu of secrets for publishing configs
  • Added support for manually adding a template entry id for use while publishing


  • Added support for RTMPS
  • Completely reworked live streaming code to make it more performant and improve standard compliancy


  • Added licensing system that prevents updates when license is no longer valid (but does not disrupt functionality)
  • Live Preview Video Player now runs in HTML5 instead of flash
  • Added support for API Keys in lieu of username/password when using REST API
  • Added support for machine/human transcription through Rev and AWS (currently enabled by request)
  • Updated OCR engine for improved text recognition
  • Added full support for Ubuntu 18.04 and partial support for 20.04
  • Added support for transitioning remote access away from TeamViewer and to an internally managed VPN