Via the Schedule page you will be able to create, edit and delete any scheduled captures. You also have the ability to import a calendar from a file or URL. 

  •     NOTE:     Make sure the Time in the lower-right hand corner is correct. If not, the timing of all future captures will be off schedule. If the clock needs to be changed, please change your timezone on the system side (Operating System). Once the timezone has been changed it should reflect the correct time in the CaptureCast UI.

Scheduling a Capture

  •     NOTE:     Scheduling via CaptureCast Calendar WILL BE DISABLED if you enabled External Scheduling (Settings-->External Scheduling). You can only schedule using one or the other but not both. This avoids any conflicts or confusion.


To schedule a recording simply navigate to the Schedule page of the CaptureCast UI and click the + Schedule Recording button on the top right hand corner of the page.

This will bring up the Scheduling a Recording wizard, which will walk you thru the following 4 steps to create a scheduled recording.  

  1. Basic Information 
    1. Required:    Enter a Title of your choosing. Typically this is the name of the class, event etc.
    2. Required:    Select a Media Template that'll work for your needs.
    3. Optional:    Add any Tags you'd like to apply to your recording. Simply enter a tag and press enter.
    4. Optional:    Append date to title to help with organization in your library. If this option is enabled a session labeled "Demo" will actually end up being labeled "Demo - 3/14/2019".
  2. Date and Time
    1. Select the Date of when you like to scheduled this recording.
    2. Select the Time you want the recording to start. This field could be in 12hr or 24hr format depending on your setting in Settings-->Time.
    3. Repeat
      1. Ensure this option is unchecked for Single Captures
      2. Enable Repeat if you want to setup a recurring scheduled recording. This is typically used by staff members to schedule a class/event for the entire semester or an extended period of time in the future.
        1. Select your Repeat End Date
        2. Select the day(s) you want to schedule for your reoccurring sessions.
        3. Set the Duration of your session using Hours:Minutes format.
          NOTE: Please allow at least one minute between scheduling captures to allow all plugins and services to close and restart.
  3. Assets
    1. If you like to add an asset click on the +Add Asset button.
      1. Give your asset a Name.
      2. Select whether you are adding a File or Link.
      3. If you selected File the form will display a Upload button. If you selected Link you will need to enter in your complete URL.
      4. Click Save to save your asset.
  4. Summary
    1. Review your Recording Info as far as Name of session, Template and any Tags applied.
    2. Verify that the Date, Time and Duration are correct.
    3. Click Save button to finalize the creation of your scheduled recording.


An easy way of changing the date of a scheduled capture on the calendar is by drag and drop. All you need to do is click and hold on a capture event on the calendar, and then drag the event to a different day on the calendar, and release the mouse button.

  • NOTES: 
    • This will only change the day of the calendar event. Time and Duration will not be changed at all.
    • If you try to move a scheduled capture to another day with a conflicting capture at that time, the transfer will not occur. You will need to delete the conflicting event before.


  1. Editing a previously Scheduled Capture

    1. Click on the capture within the schedule that you want to make changes to. This will open the same window that appears when you create a new scheduled capture. Using this window, edit the information as necessary, and save the changes. Keep in mind that you will will have the options to Save, Save Single or Save Recurrence (dependent on whether it was a Single Capture or a Recurring Capture).

  2. Deleting Captures

    1. You can delete a scheduled capture using the edit window. When you are in this window, there will be a Delete, Delete Single and Delete Recurrence buttons on the bottom of window  (dependent on whether it was a Single Capture or a Recurring Capture).   

      1. Clicking Delete or Delete Single will delete the single capture you have selected.   

      2. Clicking Delete Recurrence will delete all of the Repeat scheduled captures associated with it.

                                    NOTE:    Any delete function will prompt you to confirm the deletion of the capture. Click Yes to delete the capture, or No to abort.