1. Obtain your Panopto URL. This is typically formatted as https:/yourname.hosted. panopto.com. If you do not know it, contact Panopto.
  2. Log into your CaptureCast unit user interface.
  3. Via CaptureCast you can add your account during Step 4 of the Template creation process or you can click on the cogwheelon the top right corner of CaptureCast UI to access our Settings page. 
    1. Select Publishing from the left pane.
    2. Open up the Panoto tab.
    3. Click +Add Panopto Configuration button

  4. Enter in your Panopto information.
    1. Panopto URL:     Input your Panopto URL.
    2. Panopto Username:     Your Account Username.
    3. Panopto Password:     Your Account Password.
    4. Folder:     Your Panopto folders will populate once the unit has verified your account. Choose the category you’d like to publish, then click Save.