1. Log into your Kaltura Management Console.
    1. Click the cogwheel  on the top right hand corner to access Kaltura's Settings.
    2. Click on the Integration Settings tab.
    3. Leave the page open as you will need the Partner ID and either the Administrator Secret or User Secret for Step 3.

  2. Log into your CaptureCast unit user interface.
    1. Click the cogwheelon the top right hand corner to access Cattura's Settings.
    2. Select Publishing from the left pane.
    3. Select the Kaltura tab.
    4. Click on the +Add Kaltura Configuration button.
  3. Use the information on your Kaltura Management Console from Step 1 to get your account setup.
    1. Kaltura URL:    kaltura.com
    2. Kaltura Admin User ID:    The email address used to log into Kaltura Management Console.
    3. Kaltura Partner ID:    Refer to Step 1 information
    4. Kaltura Admin Secret or User Secret:    Refer to Step 1 information
    5. Media Owner ID:    Enter the email address of teacher/staff member. (Optional)
    6. Categories:    Your Kaltura categories will populate once the unit has verified your account. Choose the category you'd like to publish to then click Save.