Our Video Clipper tool is a quick post production video editor. 

Common uses:

  • Used to remove any unwanted sections of your media files. 
  • Will modify all videos within the session simultaneously to keep audio/video sync'd at all times.
  • Allows you to create multiple clips in your recording.
  • Editor is non-destructive as the original session is left intact while an edited version is created as a new session.


  1. To open up the video clipper tool you'll need to navigate over to the Manage page of the CaptureCast UI.
  2. Find the recorded session you'd like to trim and click on the pencil  icon.

  3. A modal will pop up with the media displayed. Click on the play button to load your media. The Blue timeline with the white diamond icon is your playhead and will display within the clip once you start previewing.
  4. A green timeline will display along with a Start Time Tracker (Green) and a End Time Tracker (Red) and this will be considered a clip.
    1. Adjust your time trackers by dragging them on the timeline or manually entering timestamps so that anything within the green timeline is what you wish to preserve in the final media output. 
      1. Click on the Loop buttonto do a preview of the clip you just created to verify you trimmed your video where you wanted.
      2. Once your clip has been spliced to your liking we would recommend you click the Lock button  to disable any further editing on the specific clip. This will avoid accidental changes.
    2. You can click anywhere in the red timeline to create another clip and a new set of time trackers will display to adjust.
    3. You can create as many clips as needed as we do not have a limit.
    4. Once you have all your clips created you are now ready to click the Export button .
    5. An Export summary window will now display the following:
      • Original Media Duration
      • Total Time Removed
      • New Media Duration
      • Number of Clips
      • New Media Name:    Here you can give the edited session a new name. If you leave this field blank it will be labeled as such Copy of "original media session name".
    6. Once you are ready to start the editing process click the Export button.