•     NOTES:     
    • Make sure the Time in the lower-right hand corner is correct. If not, the timing of all future captures will be off schedule. If the clock needs to be changed, please change your timezone on the system side (Operating System). Once the timezone has been changed it should reflect the correct time in the CaptureCast UI.
    • Scheduling via CaptureCast Calendar WILL BE DISABLED if you have enabled External Scheduling (Settings-->External Calendar). You can only schedule using one or the other method but not both. This avoids any conflicts or confusion.

Import Calendar
You can import a calendar via the following 2 methods.
  1. Import from URL
    1. Simply enter the URL to your calendar and press the Import from URL button.
  2. Import from a File
    1. Click the Upload Calendar File button and navigate to the location of your file.

Once a calendar file has been imported, you can select which events you want to associate with which template by checking the box next to each event, selecting a template, and clicking on Submit Batch. Once you have submitted all the batches that you'd like to submit, you can click the "Import Events" button in the lower right hand corner.