This status section will show you what the system is currently doing. The Capture Status bar will display three status states along with audio and video device status'.

  • System Idle:    CaptureCast is not processing any video and is ready for a capture.

  • Recording:    While a capture is in progress, standard information such as Title, Template name, and Time Elapsed. Live Preview, Pause/Resume, Stop and monitor audio visually through our Peak Programme Meter (PPM).
  • Pause:    Allows you to temporarily stop the capture and Resume at a later point in time.
  • Resume:    Allows yuou to resume the capture when session was paused (button only shown when capture is in a Paused state)
  • Stop:    Completes the capture and starts the auto-publishing to the specified publishing sources if they were setup in the template.
  • Audio devices:    Hover over this icon to display what devices are showing audio activity
  • Video devices:    Hover over this icon to display what video devices are showing a valid video signal.