This feature allows you to publish media to an Opencast instance.

  1. Via CaptureCast you will need to add your Opencast account during Step 4 of the Template creation process. For this guide we will not be covering the entire creation of the template process.
  2. Navigate to the Templates page on the top of the CaptureCast UI.
  3. Either create a new template or click the More Options button next to an existing template and select Edit
  4. Configure Steps 1-3 if you are creating a new template or simple click on Step 4 if you are modifying an existing template.
  5. Click on the cogwheelto the right of Opencast in the list.
  6. Enter in all of your login credentials and adjust the remaining configuration fields.
    NOTE   You may need to contact your system administrator to acquire the following your Opencast instance information.
    1. Opencast URL:
    2. Opencast Username:    Enter in your username.
    3. Opencast Password:    Enter in your password.
    4. Presenter:    Enter presenter name if you like.
    5. Series:    Select what series you want to publish to. This could be named after a class, event or other.
    6. Presenter Source:    From the sources available in the drop down list select the source that the presenter will be on.
    7. Presentation Source:    From the sources available in the drop down list select the source that will have the powerpoint or presentation.
    8. Workflow:    Select a workflow that meets your preference.
  7. Click the Save button.
  8. Congratulations your Opencast instance is now setup for publishing.