In this section, we will go over how to properly setup your CaptureCast Link.

  1. Unpack your CaptureCast Link and StreamDeck/Busylight and connect your peripherals in the following order.
    1. Insert the SD card into the bottom of the Extender (microcomputer)
    2. Connect the included HDMI dongle to the CaptureCast Link, then using a normal HDMI cable, to a monitor/tv or similar device  (Monitoring device is only needed for initial setup).
      • If a screen is unavailable and you know the IP of the CaptureCast Link, you can navigate to its webui directly from another device on the same network.
    3. Keyboard and mouse. (If using device display output)
    4. StreamDeck Device & Busylight device
    5. Power adapter and cable.
  2. Using the switch on the power cable, turn on the Extender
  3. The CaptureCast Link may take several seconds to a minute to boot into the desktop.
  4. A configuration page will display on the screen with network information and target recorder hostname/IP address.
        NOTE: You will need to decide whether you are going to use Ethernet (wired) or Wifi (wireless) for network connectivity. Additionally you need to decide whether to give this micro computer an IP address using MAC address based IP assignment or manually entering in a static IP.
    1. Static IP:    Going this route you'll need to manually configure the wired or wireless device. Reference this how-to guide in our online support portal.
    2. MAC Address based:    You will need to contact your network systems administrator for this setup. Give your network administrator the wired or wireless mac address displayed on the configuration page that you will be using.
  5. Add the hostname or IP address of the CaptureCast unit you want to link and control in the Change Target Recorder field and click Save.
    1. After you click Save the CaptureCast Link will restart the app and automatically refresh the configuration page. 
    2. Confirm that the CaptureCast Link IP address is correct and you are targeting the right CaptureCast Recorder.

  6. Setup is complete. Now, learn how to operate your StreamDeck.