For the 6 button StreamDeck Mini, operation is quite simple once configuration is complete.

When there is no ongoing recording, only the top row of buttons will be operational. This is intended. If the target recorder is idle, you should see an option to RECORD, an option to PAUSE, and finally, an option to change the template. This last key is auto-filled at startup with the name of the first template alphabetically.

All you need to do in order to start a recording is simply hit that third button on the top row until it displays the name of the template you want to use, then hit RECORD. At this point the recording will take a few seconds to begin, then, once started, display thumbnails depicting the videos currently being recorded. If you have more than three videos that will be simultaneously recorded and want to monitor them all, we recommend upgrading to the StreamDeck XL.

You can now either pause or stop the ongoing recording. While paused, the thumbnails on the bottom row will have a yellow border around them indicating their paused state. Once a recording is stopped, either on the StreamDeck or on the recorder, the push button system will go back to its default state.