If you're simply using CaptureCast to record and store local captures there is no reason you need to allow any access to your firewall, however, in this document we'll go over the two most prominent reasons you may want to open ports, and which ports would need to be opened.

  1. Video Publishing - If you need to publish your recorded videos to a publisher such as Kaltura or Panopto, you will almost always need to open port 443 outgoing, for secure HTTPS connections. In some rare cases, you may be using something like a legacy Opencast install that requires port 80, but if you're not sure, it's almost always going to be 443.

  2. Livestreaming - If you're looking to livestream, you will need to open the industry standard port for RTMP outgoing on port 1935.

If you're curious about enabling other services in the base Linux OS and getting those connected to your WAN, or are looking to fulfil some other edge case, please reach out to us.