Alright, so you've gotten your new CaptureCast recorder. Where do you go from here?

  1. Unpack everything included in the box with the recorder. This will always include a power cable and a quickstart guide, but will often include other accessories, like wi-fi antennas for models that have wireless support.

  2. Connect the recorder to power, as well as video and audio inputs, then follow the instructions on the quickstart guide in order to power it on and perform the initial configuration. Keep in mind you will need some way to display the webui, whether that's connecting over a LAN or directly connecting a monitor and interacting with the box directly. If you need to perform an advanced configuration like a device-side static IP, you will need to connect a monitor.

  3. Once the recorder's initial configuration steps are complete, you'll need to create your first template. Our system is template based, and without a template, you will be unable to record anything.

  4. With your first template configured, you can now proceed to use your CaptureCast recorder, but we highly recommend configuring a few more things: